Google Cloud Spammer


Cloud Spammer

Google Cloud Platform

What is Cloud spanner

  • Relational database
  • Fully Managed
  • Highly Available
  • Highly Scalable
  • Similar Architecture to Big Table

Cloud Spammer Architecture

  • Each node serves up to 2 TB of Storage
  • Nodes handles computation of queries similar to that of Big table
  • Storage is separate from computing nodes (similar to Big table)
  • Storage is replicated across zones (and regions where ever applicable)
  • Replication is synchronous
  • Consistency is guaranteed instantly across all regions, zones

Cloud Spammer Architecture

What is it used for

  • Mission Critical RDBMS
  • RDBMS has strong transactional consistency
  • ACID Compliance
  • Wide Scale Availability
  • High Workloads than Cloud SQL can support
  • Standard SQL Format (ANSI 2011)
  • Its Horizontal scaling (More instances / Node sharing the load)

Compared to Cloud SQL

  • Cloud SQL is an incarnation of On-premise MySQL / PostgreSQL/MS SQL database
  • Spanner is designed from the ground up the cloud
  • Spammer is not MySQL/ PostgreSql compatible

Cloud spammer Consistency and Scalability map

Cloud Spammer scalability

IAM Services

  • Roles could be at
    • Project Level
    • Instance Level
    • Database Level
  • Role name
    • roles/spanner._____
  • Role Type
    • Admin
      • Full Access to all spanner resource
    • Database Admin
      • Create / edit / delete database
    • Grant access database
      • Database reader
    • Database reader
      • Read and execute database/ schema level
    • Viewer
      • View instance and database
      • Cannot modify or read from database

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